Common Homeowner Dilemma Answered: How to Choose the Right Plumbing Fixtures For Your New Home and Why it Matters

Remember when your bathroom and kitchen plumbing fixtures used to come in a few styles, and the options were limited to 2 or 3 metals and colors? Today, plumbing fixtures come in varying metals, faucet types, and control options.  There is a style to match your decor, and your family’s lifestyle. From faucets that turn on with a slight touch, to fixtures that cascade water out in a waterfall, there are ones that are perfect for your home. Here are tips to choose plumbing fixtures that will enhance your sink, tub or shower area, and be a joy to use every day!

Decide what decor style fits your home: Whether your kitchen/bath is traditional or ultra modern, your plumbing fixtures should take cues from the decor. For rooms that have ornamentation, and traditional lines consider using fixtures which have similar details. For minimalist detailing choose simple and clean lines in your fixtures. Strong horizontals and chrome or nickel metals are synonymous with modern styling.

Take cues from your sink/bathtub: Before you decide on fixtures, take a look at your sink or bathtub. Do you have a country style farmhouse kitchen sink or a luxurious garden bathtub? Many plumbing fixture manufacturers group their products into designer lines that will help you pair up fixture with your current sink, bath or shower. Use pre-matched inspiration ideas to show you what plumbing fixtures would look best in your space.

Assess your family lifestyle: Every home has different wear and tear based on its family members and where the fixture is located. Most kitchen faucets receive more use than a tub or shower fixture. If you have a lot of dirty hands that will constantly be touching the kitchen faucet, consider getting one with hands free or one touch controls. If your home is going to be the subject of a lot of entertaining than opting for a wow factor fixture with high polished metal or a dramatic silhouette may be perfect for your space. 

Know your budget: Plumbing fixtures are one part of home improvements that you don’t think about until you have to. Shop around for prices and inspiration ideas before you need to choose. This will help you not buy on raw emotion, which can often times be costly! If you are on a tight budget, see if there are wholesale plumbing fixture dealers or warehouses in your area. Often times these resources will sell designer or manufacturer fixtures that are discontinued or have slight imperfections. Search online for resources in your area. 

 Similar to decor accessories making the finishing touches in interior design, plumbing fixtures are the shining adornment of your sink, bathtub or shower. Choose from metals that range from antique bronze and shiny gold to brushed nickel and copper. If you are selling your home consider upgrading your plumbing fixtures if they are outdated. Often time’s updated fixtures will make your renovation dollar go further than having to spend a lot for a full remodel.  Whether it’s for resale or for your own enjoyment, see how your kitchen or bath can be transformed with plumbing fixtures. See this useful video for more tips.

2 thoughts on “Common Homeowner Dilemma Answered: How to Choose the Right Plumbing Fixtures For Your New Home and Why it Matters

  1. I would never use brushed nickel. SO many homes use this for their faucets, etc. but I think it looks cheap. I like stainless steel or brass, depending on the room. Nickel always tends to get permanent water marks too that don’t ever rub off no matter how much you clean them.

  2. I think antique bronze is nice. One thing I’ve noticed with plumbing, is that you should stay consistent with whatever you use. I’ve seen some houses where the owner wasn’t consistent, and used different finishes throughout the room which really looks awkward (and quite frankly, terrible).

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