Don’t End Up Making the Same Avoidable Mistakes That Most Current Homeowners Made. Here’s How to Steer Clear of Home Buyer’s Remorse

Half of parents regret their home purchase. Moving can be an overwhelming experience, and when you add kids and parenting pressures to the mix, rushed decisions tend to be made. The following information will explain certain regrets and anxieties parents feel during and after the move, so you can learn from their mistakes.

Choosing home over commute: most remorseful parents feel the commute takes too much time away from their family. The house is great, but once you have kids, more time on the road means missing school plays, family dinners and often bedtime. You can avoid this by making sure to talk to people in the town where youre about to buy. Before you make a purchase, hang out at a local coffee shop, play at the playground, or join the community’s parent forum. Ask what the commute is really like. If most people are just sucking it up, determine if the town is worth that sacrifice.

Kids at open houses: did you check out the closet space? Did you look for other details that are important to you in a home? Kids can create chaotic and rushed home shopping experiences. Almost all of agents say that parents cut a home tour short due to their children. You can avoid this by hiring a babysitter, set up family care or arrange weekend playdates so you and your partner can concentrate and take your time. 

Not family-friendly enough: a little under half of families wish they had a finished basement, some wish they had more of a yard, and the rest wish they had a playroom. These are the types of family features that creep up on couples as their kids needs grow. Avoid this mistake by asking parent-friends what they love most about their home and what theyd change. From this, make a list of your family’s priorities, before you meet with your agent.

The neighbors: many families wish their neighbors had kids the same age as theirs. The proximity of kids, and people you have shared interests with, becomes increasingly important as you all try to build a new support network.
Avoid this by being sure to look around. What signs of kids your age do you see? Go to the closest park and ask questions. Use your kid-free open house days to knock a neighbor’s door and learn about the street.

Mistakes made during the move

Too much fighting: So much time is spent on fighting during the move. Spending extra money just might be worth less stress, anxiety, and arguments. Share how you feel about leaving and any ideas that might help your partner make this easier for you. The calmer you are, the happier you can be about the move.

Not enough help: Parents cite time and extra hands as some of the biggest stress-points of a move. Hiring someone to pack and unpack will make the move less stressful. So, hire people to help you pack and organize for the move. Leaning on these types of services can help lower your stress (and lessen the arguments!). 

Moving day chaos: Most buyers don’t have the house cleaned professionally before they move in. And a fair amount of owners say that kids make this day the most stressful thing about moving. Avoid this by making a splurge on a professional cleaning job.


2 thoughts on “Don’t End Up Making the Same Avoidable Mistakes That Most Current Homeowners Made. Here’s How to Steer Clear of Home Buyer’s Remorse

  1. Here’s another tip. Save yourself the headache, and hire movers. People spend a few hundred dollars buying a home, but complain over the $1,000 or so it would cost for movers. Everyone thinks moving is something you can do on your own. Yes, it is. If you want to spread it out over a few days, call all of your friends who have trucks, and deal with unpacking it all yourself. Just about everyone I know that bought a house wishes that they had hired movers. The two friends I have that did hire movers did not regret it.

  2. Totally agree. I would never not use movers. Another reason is that whether you hire movers or do it yourself, you’ll always have a couple things break during the move. But if you have movers, you have to pay for insurance, so they’ll pay you back for whatever was broken. Do be sure you read the contract though to make sure. If they don’t offer that, find another moving company that does.

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